The Ossa Group seeks to empower governments and businesses in developing countries to meet the challenges facing countries all over the world.  These include the provision of infrastructures necessary to give citizens access to technology, education and to arm them to compete successfully in the global market place.

We have realized that in most cases, governments and businesses in developing countries lack access to financing that will enable them to undertake various projects such as good road network, mass transportation to provide easy and affordable transportation to the citizens, affordable housing, uninterrupted power supply to keep businesses operating uninterrupted as well as for households.  When a government engages us for any project, they are sure that we will source for financing for such projects and where necessary, our corporate partners will bring such projects to fruition through processes such as BOT (Build, Operate & Transfer) or any such mechanisms that will offer a win-win situation for both clients.

We aim to transform developing countries into world class economies and reverse brain drain which is depriving these countries of some of their best talents.

We are the extension to governments and businesses and our services complement the efforts of our clients to develop their economies.

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